BELT streckenweise / YOGA PVC grün / schwarz 173x61x0.6cm / 1300g fitness


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What is the Stretch Strap? 

The Live Up Stretch Strap delivers the benefits of assisted stretching without a partner. The multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided.

The Strap will train your muscle fibers to relax into the stretch in order to lengthen instead of shortening and not elicit the stretch reflex that may cause injury. These exercises are perfect for more effective warm-up stretches before sports or yoga to achieve greater flexibility and range of motion in core muscles, the back, leg, arm, shoulder, hamstring and more.

  • Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic Material
  • Numbered, Multi-Loop to safely target major muscle groups
  • Durable woven strap design
  • Exercises can also be performed in groups 


Stretching with the Stretch Strap helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by muscular imbalance. In simple terms, we as a society are out of balance between the muscles we use and the flexibility within the joint structure of our body. One major way to assist in reducing this issue is to spend more time stretching properly and on a consistent daily basis. The Stretch Out Strap is the perfect way to do this.

There are rivets of harder rubber between lengths in the strap, making it easier to get a great grip from multiple angles for deep stretches. For gradual positions that work larger muscle groups, simply grasp the strap and adjust until you (or your patient) can feel a comfortable stretching sensation in the muscles you're intending to work.

The Multi-Grip Stretch Strap allows for progressive stretching as you gain more flexibility. With multiple grip options you can move up the strap for a tighter stretch or remain on a loop towards the end of the strap for a more relaxed stretch.


Lightweight and portable, the Stretch Strap can be taken anywhere and offer an alternative to heavy and large weights.

Thickness: 2 mm

Material: 100% Nylon 

Lenght: 184cm 

Widht: 2,5 cm


Weight: 155 g 

Colour: Black + Green

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BELT streckenweise / YOGA PVC grün / schwarz 173x61x0.6cm / 1300g fitness

BELT streckenweise / YOGA PVC grün / schwarz 173x61x0.6cm / 1300g fitness

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