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What is fitness

The word fitness is often associated with specialized gyms and fitness centers. With the word fitness, on the other hand, we mean the whole set of physical activities that we can carry out to improve our psycho-physical state and feel good about ourselves. This obviously can be translated into:

  • Muscle mass development with weight lifting
  • Improve strength, coordination, resistance with Functional Training
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system with Cardio Training
  • Strengthen our mood and increase physical well-being in Yoga and Pilates
  • Increase self-confidence with a Combat Bag

In this eShop you will find no products to buy but a real buying guide to be able to start practicing your discipline, whether you wanted to practice fitness at home, fitness in the gym or in a sports center or simply away from home with outdoor fitness.

Why do fitness

As mentioned before, we can practice fitness for several reasons, to increase muscle mass, coordination and endurance or for our cardiovascular system. You can also do fitness to lose weight. Functional training and cardio training combined with a diet low in fat and without too many carbohydrates fall into this category. These are the main reasons why you should start any physical activity, but you can do fitness even just to be in company or simply to keep fit and always be at the top.

Who can do fitness

Anyone can do fitness from kids to older people, just start in moderation to understand what our limits are and overcome them a little at a time, to avoid unpleasant consequences. We at LufraFit care a lot about our customers so we advise you not to overdo it and perform the exercises in moderation or with the help of a professional in the sector.

Where to do fitness

We can perform physical activity anywhere, whether at home, in the gym or in a sports center or outside the home. Here on our eShop you will find everything you need to practice your favorite sport wherever you want.

Happy Fitness to all of you dear readers.


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